April 5, 2016


1 cup of mixed nuts/ seeds ( eg: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds)

1 cup of flaxseeds

½ cup of drained sundried tomatoes

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp dried mixed herbs

2 cloves of garlic

Salt & pepper to taste


1Soak flaxseeds, nuts and seeds overnight. (I keep in the refrigerator)

2Drain and rinse seeds thoroughly.

3Combine drained nuts in a food processor (gently pulse to break up seeds do not over process) .The chunky consistency is perfect for crackers.

4Add rest of ingredients and thoroughly mix/pulse.

5Spread mixture very thinly on two baking trays lined with baking paper, fan bake at 75 degrees C for 2 hours.

6At this point mixture needs to be turned out onto other side. The most effective way to do this, is to remove mixture from baking tray complete with baking paper and place aside. Place a fresh piece of baking paper onto baking tray then proceed to place mixture face down and remove original baking paper gently. Return to oven for another couple of hours until mixture is crisp and dry. These crackers will also work well in a dehydrater.

7When the crackers are crisp and dry, break or cut up and place in an airtight container. Crackers can last for up to 7 days.

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