The solution to a healthy digestive system is to consume foods or supplements that enhance beneficial gut bacteria.

These helpful bacteria enhance the absorption of nutrients and help maintain gastrointestinal health by regulating the gut environment.

Soluble fibre (prebiotics) feed these beneficial bacteria.

Examples of soluble fibre (prebiotics)  are prunes, mangoes, linseed, legumes, oat bran, barley, cooked apple and mushrooms AND concentrated forms like Psyllium Hulls.

Raw cultured veges are nature’s probiotic rich in lactobacilli and other vital micro factors. Another more familiar term is sauerkraut. You can purchase good quality raw cultured veges from health food shops, read the label and ensure that the product is raw and unpasteurised.

Keffir from milk or young coconuts also provides friendly bacteria and yeasts (probiotics) populating our gut establishing healthy beneficial colonies.

Probiotic supplements also contain helpful gut bacteria. A probiotic supplement of friendly flora is often essential after the administration of antibiotics, as all the gut friendly bacteria that provide protection against infections have been exterminated.

It is important to restore the natural balance of gut friendly flora  to modulate local and systemic immune responses and to maintain the gastrointestinal barrier function.